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Ecumenical Folk Synod in The Netherlands

The intentions of pope John XXIII, of Schillebeekx and our bishops in 1962/65 with Vaticum II have been supported by millions in the Netherlands. Stalemate in the application of decisions made more than 10.000 people gather on a protest meeting in the Hague. It didn’t help. Neither did and do thousands of press release and letters sent since. Now members of Marienburg, the Dutch union of critically Catholics have discovered that the structural church is almost dead and unable to answer questions. Christians themselves have to go for the core of their faith in home celebrations, listening to the grass roots in vision dialogues and organizing folk synods.  An ecumenical synod in the Netherlands will be organized as soon as more than 200 of such dialogues have been registered or the stories of more than 1000 people have been heard. This might be spring 2021 or earlier if in time the result of similar efforts in more countries would be available.  A guide has been translated into English www.dialogue-in-sixes.click