We Are Church Intl.

Asian Theology Forum 2018

News and pictures from Asian Youth Assembly

From Colm Holmes in The Phillippines

The energy and joy of the young people, aged 20-30, from 14 Asian countries is wonderful.  Although of a much older generation I have been warmly welcomed to join in and participate.

Here are some pictures.

Enjoying the cultural evening

Friends from Korea

Friends from Myanmar

Friends from Vietnam

 Today our minds turn to the Asian Theological Forum with a keynote speech by Bishop Alwyn de Souza.  I will be introducing We Are Church later.

Asian Youth Academy /Asian Theology Forum

Colm Holmes is representing We Are Church International as this year's gathering in the Phillippines alongside 60  delegates from 14 different countries.

To give a taste of the joy, enthusiasm and friendship please take a look at some pictures from last year's meeting.