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Denmark (& Norway) - Report to the IMWAC Council, March 2015

Kaare Rübner JørgensenAt the moment the situation in Denmark is very critical. Officially, there are 45.000 Catholics in my country, but only 7.500 support the church financially by paying one percent of their tax income til the bishopric. The result is that the church year after year has red numbers on the bottomline. This year the deficit is appr. one million euros. As a consequence our bishop is forced to merge parishes into pastoral units, sell churches and reduce the activiteties, e.g. by closing the bishopric’s library. There has also been talk about sending foreign priests back to their countries. As a church we only survive thanks to donations from Germany. This, however, is nothing new; it had been the case since the establishment of a Catholic Church in Denmark in 1849. There will still be Catholics in Denmark in fifty years from now, but will there be a Catholic Church? I am not sure. 

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