We Are Church Intl.

A Truly Catholic Church


We thank John Chuchman for this reflection which sums up the hopes and aspirations of the We Are Church movement.


A Truly Catholic Church


is a loving church

 where the equality of all the faithful is respected,

the gulf between clergy and laity is bridged

and the People of God

select their bishops and pastors,


is a church with equal rights for women,

where women are full participants in decision-making

and are welcomed in all ministries,

including the diaconate and the ministerial priesthood,


is a church where priests choose

either a celibate or non-celibate way of life,

where the right of a congregation to the Eucharist and pastoral care

are more important than canon law,


is a church which affirms:

the sacredness of sexuality,

the primacy of conscience,

the human rights of all persons regardless of sexual orientation,

and the importance of issues other than sexual morality,


is a church which:

affirms people rather than condemns them,

respects primacy of conscience in all moral decision-making,

embraces and welcomes those who are divorced and remarried,

married priests,


and others who exercise freedom of speech.


A Truly Catholic Parish


is a joyful Christian community

which celebrates the loving word of God

 in worship and in action,


transcends traditional boundaries

and welcomes those who seek spiritual growth and social justice,


welcomes diverse ideas

and encourages reflection on the message of the Gospel,


is committed to the equality of all

and strives to ensure full participation

through liturgy, education and service,


seeks to empower all to grow in wisdom

and bring to reality the promise of Christ.