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Asian Theology Forum 2017

Pictures from the Asian Theology Forum - 1


The „Disaster Oasis Training Center“ was a marvellous venue. Little brick houses and water and flowers. It was built in order to help people after disasters – and there are many in Indonesia: earth quakes, vulcano eruptions, floods…



At AYA we had some country reports: from Vietnam; from India; about Indigenous Peoples; Bangladesh; Myanmar; Indonesia.

And there were some speeches about the themes of our earlier visits and about young leaders in Asia: developing leadership; community-based movements of young activists; reconciliation and peace-building among religions and societies…

One afternoon we had an outing to Ganjuran Church, the biggest Catholic pilgrimage in Indonesia (4000 people every 1st. Friday).

There are beautiful pictures on Google.

Ganjuran Church that was built in 1927 is not just a place to contemplate, but it also offers an opportunity to see the global Jesus in local appearance, wearing the Javanese clothes named surjan while listening to gamelan.



The Asian Youth Day was celebrated there too!