We Are Church Intl.


The little flame that Jacques Gaillot gave us will burn for the rest of our lives.

We did not call him "Monsignor" but "Jacques" as he wished. Since January 1995, when Rome dismissed him from the See of Evreux to assign him "in partibus infidelium" to that of PARTENIA, his image and his word have spread throughout the world: his messages via the Internet translated into seven languages made the Gospel of Jesus known to the ends of the earth. Always close to the poorest, after leaving Evreux, he lived in a squat and then lived with the Spiritans for many years. Free of all ties, he moved around a lot, went to see prisoners with whom he established a lasting relationship. How many hospitalized friends did he visit: he accompanied some of them to the end. He welcomed everyone without asking if they were Christians or not. He was a brother, a true brother. From these messages, from his books, from his words, many groups called "PARTENIA" have lived for more than 25 years.

Some of them are still alive, gathered around the Gospel and - for most of the participants - animated by the concern for the poorest: people on the street or in prison... All this we owe to Jacques Gaillot, to the example of his life, to the peace that radiated from his person. Since that evening when we learned that he had entered into eternal PEACE, messages have been arriving from all over the world expressing the gratitude of people and groups who, often far from the Church, have set out on the road thanks to him, thanks to his testimony .... far from the incense, mitres and other distinctive signs of the princes of the Church, far from the pomp of the cathedrals and the processions organized by the most retrograde and reactionary fringe of our unfortunate Church which seems to be running towards its own demise!

What will remain is the little flame that Jacques Gaillot transmitted to us for the time that will be given to us.

Helene Dupont
Partenia Toulouse