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Continental Meetings of the Synodal process

We have seen the success of Pope Francis’ Synodal process around the world with the greatest ever participation of laity and clerics in such a listening process. The same themes kept coming up: Women; Sexuality; LGBTQ+; Shared decision making. The next stage is 6 continental meetings:

1. Europe (CCEE)

2. Latin America and the Caribbean (CELAM)

3. Africa and Madagascar (SECAM)

4. Asia (FABC) and Oceania (FCBCO)

5. North America (USA + Canada)

6. Middle East (which will see in particular the contribution of the Churches Eastern Catholic Churches).

WAC will be sending a team to the Europe meeting in Prague (5 – 12 February 2023) and will be reporting on our call for Equality. We will also be including reports from the other 5 continental meetings.

The title of the DCS says it all: “Enlarge the Space of your tent.” It is essential to welcome as equals ALL who venture into the tent. The Church is not a club. The challenge is to build a truly Synodal Church from the current patriarchal monarchy.