We Are Church Intl.

Monday, 4 March 2013


Christian Weisner reports:


Martha Heizer and I arrived safely on Monday morning from the night train to Rome.  Basilio Buffoni arrived around the same time from Milan and all three of us proceeded to a meeting with Laura Laera for our first briefing.


We are now waiting to welcome Anthony Padovano from the USA, Michael Walsh from England and Vittorio Bellavite from Milan.  Our next meeting will be this evening and will include discussion about the content and presentation of our pre-Conclave press conference.  Vittorio has alread been busy preparing our way in Rome so that we will be able to keep the media fully informed about current concerns and needs in the Church including our perception of the right person for the role of Bishop of Rome.  We are hoping that the Cardinals will announce the beginning of the Conclave very soon.


The six of us are very grateful to Valerie, Pedro and Christian for re-launching the website and installing Twitter.  We will be using this page to let you know about our work and adventures in the Eternal City.