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We have pleasure in bringing you news from FutureChurch. 


Each and every Catholic has a right and a responsibility to speak and act for the good of the entire Church.  You did that when you completed the Survey on the Family in November 2013.  Now the results are in! 


Here are few highlights: 

Go to to read the full report!  


These survey results will be sent to Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, Secretary General of the Synod of Bishops, Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, USCCB President and other U.S. Bishops for their use at the Synod on the Family.  


After you read the report, TAKE ACTION! 

Write a letter to Cardinal Baldisseri urging him to include theologians with families, women theologians and theologians with a specialty in gender studies to work alongside the bishops during the synod.  

Go to to find out how you can make a difference! 


Thank you for doing your part to make the church we love a better place!


Deborah Rose-Milavec

Executive Director