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Vatican Shows Frightening Ignorance and Helplessness in Handling Questions of Sexuality


Statement on the Vatican Instruction "Homosexuality and Ordained Ministry"


The fact that one of the first documents licensed by Pope Benedict XVI discriminates homosexual men entering the priesthood is very disappointing to many Catholics, not just those who are most directly affected, says Christian Weisner, chair of the international We Are Church movement.


The Vatican Instruction on "Homosexuality and Ordained Ministry" ignores the consolidated findings of human sciences, historical sciences and social sciences.


It also ignores Jesus' own teachings and explicit behavior towards marginalized persons and the prevailing purity codes of his time.


The instruction does not eliminate the ordination of homosexual men in principle. Nonetheless, it betrays an alarming lack of comprehension. The description of "deep-seated homosexual tendencies" as "objectively disordered" is scientifically wrong and is a clear discrimination against all homosexual humans.


"Once again this instruction shows in an appalling way the ignorance and helplessness of the Roman Catholic Church in the handling of questions of sexuality", says Weisner.


"It is also hypocritical. The instruction speaks of homosexual tendencies as a transitory problem 'for example, that of an adolescence not yet superseded'. But the rigid sexual ethics of the Roman-Catholic Church make a positive integration of sexuality into one's personality rather more difficult than promoting it."


The International Movement We Are Church is committed to change in the Church's official and theological approach to homosexual people. We advocate for the Gospel imperative toward marginalized persons, so that they are regarded as fully human and equal members of the church, able to have their call to ministry tested, and considered trustworthy members of our church.


Background information: We Are Church We Are Church is an international movement within the Roman-Catholic Church and aims at the renewal on the basis of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965). We Are Church was started in Austria in 1995 with a church referendum.


The International Movement We Are Church, founded in Rome in 1996, is represented in more than twenty countries on all continents and is networking world-wide with similar-minded reform groups. We are Church represents theologically sound the "voice of the people in the pews", as international studies of renowned religion sociologists have confirmed again and again.


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