We Are Church - the international movement

Council Vatican II

Celebrating 50 Years

Membership and organisation of the international movement

IMWAC is a network of independent and autonomous groups, each representing a different culture where Catholic Christians are endeavouring to live out the message of Jesus Christ.

Groups relate to one another as brothers and sisters without 'hierarchy'

IMWAC does not have individual members.

Membership is open to local groups that base their work on all the goals stated in the preamble and regard the objectives in the Roman manifesto as well as these working guidelines and the membership fee as binding.

More than one group from a country can be members of the Council; however — in order to keep balance among distinct different countries — each country can have only two delegates entitled to vote. Exceptions to this limit of votes per country can be decided by the Council attending historical or cultural reasons.

If for other reasons several groups from one country are members of the Council, they themselves have to settle the question of delegation for voting.

Other groups, non-members, who accept the five goals may attend the Council Meetings as observers, without a right to vote.


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