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Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church (USA): The Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church (ARCC) was founded in 1980 by lay and clerical Catholics in the wake of Vatican  condemnations of such theologians as Edward Schillebeeckx, Jacques Pohier, and Hans Küng.  ARCC seeks to institutionalize a collegial and egalitarian understanding of Church in which decision-making is shared and accountability is realized among Catholics of every kind. We are Church!  The website is updated regularly and  includes information concerning cases of  the violation of the human rights of the People of God.


Call to Action  (USA): "Call To Action USA (CTA) is an independent national organization of over 22,000 people and 40 local organizations who believe the Spirit of God is at work in the whole church, not just in its appointed leaders. We believe the entire Catholic church has the obligation of responding to the needs of the world and taking initiative in programs of peace and justice." The CTA front page features frequently updated and topical resources.


Catholics for a Changing Church:  Being Catholics who try to base our lives on Gospel values, we are concerned that the hierarchical institution of our Church often fails to promote justice and resists positive change.  We would like to see freedom of theological debate for all, and collaborative ministry as called for by the bishops of England & Wales in 'The Sign We Give'.  It is also our conviction that since all humans are created equal, they share a basic human equality, whether they be men, women, married or single, unordained, ordained, celibate, those in relationships, lesbian, gay, divorced, remarried old or of ethic minorities.


Catholics For a Free Choice (USA): Catholics for a Free Choice, an independent not-for-profit organization, is engaged in research, policy analysis, education, and advocacy on issues of gender equality and reproductive health. Working in the Catholic social justice tradition, CFFC is affiliated with Catholic Organizations for Renewal and theWomen-Church Convergence, both based in the United States, and with the European Network/Church on the Move.


Catholic Organizations for Renewal (USA): COR -- Catholic Organizations for Renewal -- is a coalition of Catholic groups, inspired by Vatican II, to further the reform and renewal of the Catholic Church, and to bring  about a world of justice and peace, reflecting  the sacredness of all creation.


Catholics Speak Out (USA): CSO is A Movement for Justice, Equality and Democracy in the Roman Catholic Church. "Catholics Speak Out was born out of the belief that progressive Catholics, committed to the Gospel and the spirit of the Second Vatican Council, have been silent too long in the face of conservative trends. We rode the wave of euphoria which flowed from the Council, but we have reluctant to speak out and struggle with those who would return the Church to its repressive past."


CNWE -- Catholic Network for Women's Equality (Canada): Mission: to enable women to name their giftedness and from that awareness to effect structural change in the Church that reflects the mutuality and coresponsibility of women and men within that church.


Dignity/USA (USA): Dignity/USA envisions and works for a time when Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Catholics are affirmed and experience dignity through the integration of their spirituality with their sexuality, and as beloved persons of God participate fully in all aspects of life within the Church and Society. Through our national organization and many local chapters, Dignity works for education, for the reform of the Church's teachings and pastoral practices toward sexual minorities, and for the acceptance of all people as full members of the Church. 


Future Church (USA): FutureChurch is a coalition of parish based Roman Catholics concerned that Catholics will lose the Mass if nothing is done about the priest shortage. In 1990 a resolution was passed by the Church of the Resurrection in Solon Ohio (near Cleveland). The resolution called on U.S. Bishops to reconsider opening ordination to women and the married, both men and women, so that the Eucharist would continue to be the center of the spiritual lives of all Catholics. Subsequently 28 parishes in Northeast Ohio supported this initiative, and the FutureChurch network was born. Based in Cleveland, FutureChurch incorporated in 1993 and began to network nationally in response to other parishes concerned about closing or consolidating because of the shortage of priests.


Irish Women's Ordination Site (Ireland): BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN CHRIST (B.A.S.I.C.),  founded in 1993, is an Irish-based network of women and men (lay, religious, priests)  who feel called to play an active part in building up a Church Community which is freed from the sin of sexism and healed from the divisions between men and women. BASIC believes in a Church which affirms, proclaims, lives out and makes visible sacramentally God's creation of women and men as equal partners and the Good News of their reconciliation  and unity in Christ.  BASIC's mission is to foster women's vocations to a renewed priestly ministry and to bring about the ordination of women in the Roman Catholic Church, through prayer and action. 


This is a wonderful Latinamerican site for the promotion of liberation theology.  
Since 1996 they have had over 1 million visitors. It contains an impressive electronic theological review. 


Partenia: Bishop Gaillot's Cyber-See (France): Exactly one year after his January 13, 1995 forced removal from the see of Evreux in Normandy liberal and outspoken Bishop Gaillot opened his website to the world, inviting all to "write to me."  His "diocèse sans frontières" has expanded considerably, and is now available in English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch versions.  It features the bishop's  letters, journals, and an electronic catechism.


Priests for Equality (USA): is a movement of women and men throughout the world -- laity, religious and  clergy -- who work for the full participation of women and men in the church and in society. We are a grass-roots organization committed to creating a culture where sexism and exclusion are behind us and equality and full participation are the order of the day.


Redes Cristianas website (Spanish) - spokesbulletin in Spanish for the Spanish Catholic Christian Base Communities


Theology Library (USA): A stunning collection of 112 pages with over 4,700 links (the growth rate of this site is phenomenal) "In the spirit of the Second Vatican Council."


Women Priests: The Case for Ordaining Women in the Catholic Church. John Wijngaards' Website to present the case for ordaining women in the Catholic Church. The site will eventually offer all the evidence relating to this hotly disputed issue in the Catholic Church. It will contain scriptural, biblical and theological material published on the Internet for the first time. It will also contain a substantial section dealing with women deacons. Ancient ordination rituals that conclusively prove the ordination of women deacons to have been part of Holy Orders, will be made accessible.


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