We Are Church - the international movement

Council Vatican II

Celebrating 50 Years

About Us


Our Objectives are set out in


Our founding document - "The Roman Declaration"

The Manifesto of the International Movement We Are Church


We believe


that it is in the local Church that the message of Jesus takes shape and that local people are responsible for its transmission and conduct.


Our endeavour to build a 'community of communities' strengthens us to build the realm of God and Jesus Christ.




IMWAC is a network of independent and autonomous groups, each representing a different culture where Catholic Christians are endeavouring to live out the message of Jesus Christ.


Groups relate to one another as brothers and sisters without 'hierarchy' IMWAC does not have individual members.


In principle, groups operate nationwide but in some countries cultural differences may allow more than one We Are Church group.


Local groups may have more objectives that those listed in the Roman Declaration or Manifesto, but international cooperation and collaboration is concentrated upon them.


Outline of Organisation


Local groups are responsible for their own actions


To promote international cooperation each local group is invited to nominate two representatives to the IMWAC Council.




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