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Very dear Bishop Bill Morris,

The International Movement We Are Church would like to express its complete solidarity with you regarding the recent position taken by the Vatican in forcing you to resign.

We are aware that this matter has been protracted for a number of years with your endeavours to resolve this tense relationship with the Vatican. We see this action as a move to simply overide your good conscience and resolve the matter to their own benefit.

We believe these actions of the Vatican are inconsistent with the Gospel and they do not conform to the wishes of the majority of those in your diocese.  We understand that the Australian Conference of Bishops have been supportive of you as well as the Council of Priests - all those who know you personally and the calibre of leadership you have shown.

We will inform all our networks about this situation in your diocese, and we hope you can continue in your endeavours to bring the Good News to people in need of it.

We stand with you, in the peace of God.

Pedro Freitas
IMWAC Coordinator

The International Movement We Are Church (IMWAC, Catholic reform movement) sends their best regards to the sisters and brothers gathered in Kingston, from May 17 to 25 for the International Ecumenical Peace Convocation "Glory to God and Peace on Earth".

We are aware that in our day, peace in the world is threatened by conflicts old and new, and that it is poor people who are affected most intensely by these conflicts.

Commitment to peace and justice is not limited to churches, but they have the particular task of proclaiming the Gospel of peace, and to live a life that is consistent with this message. No Church reform would make sense if, in the end, it did not impel the disciples of Jesus Christ to work for peace and more solidarity with all those working every day to make the gift of peace a reality.

We offer our prayers so that all of you gathered in Kingston are guided by the Holy Spirit, who offers the Christians and the Churches, today just as before, words of peace and salvation, which must be announced to the world.

Representatives of We Are Church from European and American groups attended the European Network Conference in Barcelona from 28 April to 1 May 2011.

We Are Church at the European Network conference 2011

1n 1970, a "Memorandum about Celibacy", suggesting some  was signed by nine theologians, including Joseph Ratznger and Karl Rahner. Here's the original, in German, and some translations.

[French] [German] [Italian]


Vigil Calling on Pope to Ordain Women

PDF: English / Français / Italiano / Deutsch / Português

ROME, ITALY – Today, at 11:00 o’clock in the office of redazione di ADISTA, Via Acciaioli 7, 00186 Roma, representatives of Catholic organizations from around the world called for the full and equal participation of women in the Roman Catholic Church, including ordination as deacons, priests and bishops. The remarks came during a press conference held by Women’s Ordination Worldwide and other pro-ordination groups held in Rome to protest the Vatican’s “Year for Priests” celebration, which begins tomorrow.  After the press conference, the groups staged a vigil in St. Peter’s Square.

“The absolute hypocrisy of the ‘Year for Priests’ celebration cuts to the core of what is wrong with the hierarchy today,” said Erin Saiz Hanna, executive director of the U.S. based Women’s Ordination Conference.  “The Vatican is all too happy to turn a blind eye when men in its ranks destroy the lives of children and families, but jumps at the chance to excommunicate women who, in good conscience, are prophetically answering their call to ordination and responding to needs of their communities.”

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