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Top Ten Reasons to Ordain Women…

  1. “In Christ Jesus there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave or citizen, male or female. All are one in Christ Jesus.” – Galatians 3:28
  2. Because women and men are created in God’s image, both may represent Christ as Ministerial Priests.
  3. In 1976, the Pontifical Biblical Commission determined that there is no biblical reason to prohibit women’s ordination.
  4. Women have been ordained to the Roman Catholic Ministerial Priesthood (On 28 December 1970 Bishop Felix Davidek ordained Ludmilla Javarova a Ministerial Priest in the underground church of Communist Czechoslovakia).
  5. Archaeological discoveries provide evidence that women served as deacons, ministerial priests and bishops in early Christianity.
  6. The Bible includes many passages depicting women as leaders in early Christianity.
  7. In all four gospels Mary of Magdala was the first witness to the most important event in Christianity – the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  8. Women supported Jesus throughout his ministry and were present at the Last Supper as well as at the foot of the cross when the men ran away.
  9. The Second Vatican Council calls for all discrimination to be eliminated.
  10. A Ministerial Priest’s job is to serve the people – it is not about gender, marital status or sexual orientation.

With thanks to the Women’s Ordination Conference

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