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"I’d rather break the law of the Church than the heart of a human"

by Dr. Thomas von Mitschke-Collande

Munich, April 2013


This was the pastoral motto of my late priest who often tried to defend the message of the Gospel against defamation and denunciation in his daily work. This sentence is a common theme throughout the book, with the following considerations.


The present work is a short version of the book: "Is the Catholic Church abolishing itself? – analyses and facts of a business consultant", published in September 2012 by the publishing house Kösel. It was written neither from the experience nor the perspective of a theologian, a scholar of ecclesiastical law or other Church office-holder, but from the perspective of a simple Catholic who introduces his competence and insights from his many years working as a business consultant, as well as his experiences and observations as a practicing Catholic, to his local community.


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