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We want to participate in the building of a Church of brothers and sisters: a Church that recognizes the equality of all the baptized, including the inclusion of the People of God in the election of bishops in their local churches.


We want equal rights for men and women, including the admission of women to all Church ministries.


The Church should offer a message of joy and not condemnation, including dialogue, freedom of speech and thought. No anathemas and no exclusion as a means of solving problems, especially as this applies to theologians.


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Luther was a German theologian whose writings inspired the Protestant Reformation.

Martin Luther was born on 10 November 1483 in Eisleben. His father was a copper miner. Luther studied at the University of Erfurt and in 1505 decided to join a monastic order, becoming an Augustinian friar. He was ordained in 1507, began teaching at the University of Wittenberg and in 1512 was made a doctor of Theology. In 1510 he visited Rome on behalf of a number of Augustinian monasteries, and was appalled by the corruption he found there.

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