We Are Church Intl.

Time's Up: Catholics Demand Truth

Message from Colm Holmes, Chair of We Are Church International

This is certainly a time of turmoil in our hierarchical church with cardinals and bishops openly attacking Pope Francis and each other.

I am writing to invite you to consider taking part in a worldwide campaign leading up to the meeting of Pope Francis and the Heads of Bishops Conferences in Rome in February 2019.

Your WAC Co-ordinating team has agreed that WAC International join US Reform Groups campaign “Time’s Up: Catholics Demand Truth”

A large number of U.S. Reform Groups (including DignityUSA; Call To Action; WOC; FutureChurch) launched this campaign in September 2018. They are organizing prayer vigils on the first Sunday of November, December, January and February – leading up to the February 2019 meeting in Rome of all the Heads of Bishop’s Conferences. The call for truth covers 4 main areas (see Appendix 1 below for full details):

i. Survivor Justice and Civil Recourse

ii. Church Transparency and Accountability

iii. Patriarchy Dismantled in all its forms

iv. Clericalism Dismantled in all its forms

You will find more details at this website http://catholictoo.org/.