We Are Church Intl.

Council 50 : a future for the People of God - programme

Agenda for the gathering of delegates in Rome

20-22 November 2015

Friday 20th of November 2015 

14:00 Opening of the registration arrival of delegates, installation of the fair,

18:00 Official openning of the fair and welcome party

19:30 dinner at at Casa Lasalle

20:45 -22:00 Aula Magna :

Welcome and introduction of delegates, presentation of the program, of the workshops and of the process to finalise the Charter:

Saturday 21st of November 2015

8: 00 to 9:00 visit of the fair contribution to the Charter, inscription to workshops

9:00 to 10:30 Plenary Session I Aula Magna

- Opening

- Prayer :Enrico Peyretti

- Perspectives open by Pope Francis for the evolution of the Catholic Church and reforms to meet the challenges of our evolving 21st century world : Dr Nontando Hadebe (woman theologian from Zimbabwe and South Africa)

- Discussion

10:30- 11:00 Coffe Break, visit of the fair and inscription for the workshops

11:00 to 12:45 Pleanry Session II  in Aula Magna

Issues, experiences, expectations and proposals for the renewal of our Church and its implication in the world of to-day, from the different continents:

- Africa: Douglas Irvine (WAACSA, South Africa), Georges Obolo, (Gabon), President of the coordination of the African Network of Former Catholic Youth Students (RAJA)

- Latin America : Socorro Martinez Maqueo, (Mexico), Articulacion Continental de Comunidades eclesiales de base

- North America: Jamie Manson (USA), columnist and books editor for the National Catholic Reporter,(to be confirmed)

- Asia : Paul Hwang, (South Korea), Center for Asia Peace and solidarity under Woori Theology Institute, and Felicia Dian Revenska Parera (Indonesia), Pax Romana IMCS

- Europe : Alice Gombault (France), theologian, former professor at Institut catholique de Paris,(to be confirmed)

- Discussion

13h00 Lunch

14:00-14:30 visit of the fair contribution to the Charter

14:30 to 16:00  Workshops: 4 worhshops in parallel, (see details in attached sheet)

series I  : Challenges of the world to be met by a Church inspired by the Gospel:

- I.1 Peace and war, non-violent solutions of conflicts Church and Christian actions for peace

- I.2 Social and economic justice, respect of Human Rights, migration, trafficking/ Commitment of Christians and Church, Church of the Poor

- I.3 Environment, sustainability/Commitment of Christians and Church, Encyclical “Laudato Si”

- I.4  Societal issues, family (synod results), person sexuality, gender, LGBT, impact of cultures and religions,

16:00 -16:30 Coffe Break and visit of the fair

16:30- 18:00 Workshops: 4 worhshops in parallel, (see details in attached sheet)

series II : A church inspired by  the Gospel for elightening the world

- II.1 Organization of the Church, reform of ministries and inclusion of women in coherence with Women / Men equality for responsibilities, communities, functioning;

- II.2 Base Ecclesial Communities, Grass-Root communities, their experiences, their actions, their relationships with the institution.

- II.3 Inter and Intra religious dialogues, interconvictional dialogues, horizontal and vertical transcendences, universality of spirituality, cultures, beliefs and religions.

- II.4 The pact of Catacombs and renewal of our Church, outputs of the Colloquium on the revival of the pact of catacombs

18:15-19:30 CasaLaSalle Church: celebration and liturgy

San Romero Mass

19:30 Dinner

20:45-22:00 Open meeting of reporters, moderatores of workshops: preparation of the report of workshops and finalisation of Charter

 Free time for discussion, visit of the fair

Sunday 22nd  of November

9: 00 -10:30    Plenary Session III  in Aula Magna:

- Overview of the work of the  workshops

- Proclamation of the Charter

- Follow-up of the gathering

- Final prayer and Farewell:

10:30-11:15  Move to St Peter Square

11:15-12:30   Meeting at St Peter Square

14h30-16h30  Final optional meeting at Casa LaSalle

Organisation of a lively Network