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John Wijngaards' Catholic Research Centre

We are pleased to bring you this news.


Dear Friends,

You are aware of the fact, I am sure, that for many years I and my team of helpers have researched the possibility of ordaining women in the Catholic Church. Because of all the related issues, this research has widened to include a number of other areas important for reform in the Church, such as ‘body and sexuality’ and ‘authority structures’. Meanwhile www.womenpriests.org and www.womendeacons.org have been updated.


You may, or may not, have heard that our five major websites on these issues have now been brought together under one roof: the “John Wijngaards Catholic Research Centre”. The inclusion of my name in the title, which was not my idea, is judged to be helpful because, apparently, my name is known [I don’t doubt mainly as a ‘dangerous rebel’ in many circles!] Our new umbrella website is: http://www.johnwijngaards.org/ .


I am writing this letter to draw your attention to the fact that we are engaged in a major initiative. We want to gather the testimonies of men and women on their Christian experience of sex. We do this in response to Pope Francis’ call for such information in preparation for the 2014 Synod on the Family. We focus mainly on three areas: birth control, homosexual relationships and ‘divorced and remarried’. The testimonies are collected here: http://www.johnwijngaards.org/synod-and-you/ .


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