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From Christian

Today I have been answering a number of questions from journalists via email and telephone. Their main interest is the expectation of the reform movements for the synod.

There was the daily international press conference followed by meeting of German journalists with Father Hagenkord from Vatican Radio: African bishop from Ghana, bishop from Iraq and cardinal from Ancona, Italy; see Deborah’s blog

I had a short talk with a journalist from the Irish Times (that also publicised IMWAC’S appeal to the Synod Fathers): still very hard to say where the Synod will be going. He knows our Brendan Butler (We Are Church – Ireland) very well.

There was another interesting meeting with a very famous journalist for religious affairs from Die Zeit ( an important German weekly paper) who is a very good source also for our networking with Church officials and other media people.

Finally our accommodation sorted out its WIFI problems and so now Christian is in good contact with Rene Reid and Catholic Church Reform International will also now support our appeal. Good news indeed!

In the evening we met with young female journalists from Vatican Radio and other media – also very impressed by Pope Francis and pleased with very direct and easy-going contact with participants of the Synod;

It is said by many here that the German Synod group seems to be willing to work together and not against each other

A lot of very informative exchange with the other journalists happens here in a very “casual“ style, having coffee together or a meal (at our own expenses)

In Publik Forum yesterday there was an interview with Martha Heizer, Sabine Demel (Canonist) und Hubert Wolf (Church historian) (

I am trying to get people interested in having Gerhard Mester’s cartoons on Pope Francis published in the US (in English) and in Italian.

Once again I recommend a visit to Deborah’s excellent blog for more news of the day.

With friendly greetings


Deb-Rose Milavek (FutureChurch)