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Celibacy - the sin of the church to refuse family life to clerics



Western progressive Catholics have misunderstood Pope Francis from the beginning. They think that he is ‘on their side’.


What they have not realised is that he has little comprehension of the Anglo-American and developed European worlds. His primary interest is in the developing world, poverty and inequality and, to some extent, in environmental issues. This, of course, is good.


However, it is becoming increasingly obvious that he is dependent on a small group of advisors regarding affairs in the developed world, especially the English-speaking world. You can see this in the bishops he has already appointed to important dioceses in the US and Australia. Also by not acting decisively in his first year he has lost the initiative for much needed reform of important issues like the appointment of bishops.


My advice to progressive Catholics is ‘Lower your expectations or else you’ll be disappointed’.


Dr Paul Collins