We Are Church Intl.

Not welcome here!

Catholic Women's Ordination held their customary prayer vigil
outside Westminster Cathedral, London,
on Vocations Sunday, 7 Mary 2017.

In their latest newsletter they write:

In our 21st century democracy, so celebrated by Pope Francis, we must challenge our lack of freedom of speech in the Church.

At Westminster Piazza, on Vocations Sunday on 7th May, CWO

  • were warned off the Cathedral steps,
  • and told that we could not receive Communion, because we ask for women’s ordination and equal treatment as people.

‘Ordinatio Sacerdotalis’ still prevails. We may not speak out against its injustice and inaccuracy, despite its widespread condemnation by theologians.

Does not the hierarchy understand

  • that we love the Church, and wish only to serve it fully, equal in every way to the men who are allowed to do so?
  • That we are the Church’s friends, and its future?

Why may we not speak?

Mary Ring, Editor

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