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Pope Francis - 3 Years

From We Are Church - Ireland

March13th 2016 marks the third anniversary of the accession of Cardinal Bergoglio to the Papacy as Pope Francis. His informal address to the assembled crowds in St. Peter’s Square on that historic evening endeared him to the hearts of all Christians and people of good will . He laid out his mission statement for the future of the Catholic Church on November 24th 2013 in his inspirational letter ‘Evangelii Gaudium’. In May 2015 another major development occurred with his issuing of his encyclical on the future of our world, ‘Laudato Si’.

Within a month of his election he set up The Council of Cardinal Advisors and a year later the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors. Pope Francis has adopted a synodal approach in the implementation of his programme for change exemplified by his calling of the Synod of the family in 2014 and 2015. His major impact has been his emphasis on the social justice message of the Gospel taking the side of the marginalised and the dispossessed of society.

However, many women are offended by his refusal to recognise their God-given equality with men in the Church. After three years of his pontificate we are still awaiting the practical implementation of his vision as outlined in ‘Evangelii Gaudium’. There is no doubt that he is receiving both subtle and open opposition as he attempts any meaningful change both to Catholic Church structures and non- dogmatic doctrine.

‘We call on all Catholics especially those Vatican Cardinals who are resisting change to support Pope Francis. The forthcoming publication on how he intends to implement the recommendations of the 2014/15 Synod of the family will undoubtedly be seen as the watershed of his Pontificate’, stated Brendan Butler spokesperson, We are Church Ireland .

Further Information : Brendan Butler , 0864054984

Ireland: Report to the IMWAC Council - March 2015

WAC – IRL Report to IMWAC                                                   6 March 2015


WAC-IRL as well as being affiliated to IMWAC is also the Irish representative of WOW (Women’s Ordination Worldwide)
  1. Core Group elected at AGM on 7 June 2014:
    • Brendan Butler
    • Phil Dunne
    • Colm Holmes
    • Joe Mulvaney
    • Jackie Nelson
    • Bernadette O’Reilly
  1. Finances: Our main source of income is sales of LAST SUPPER cards and prints. Our Annual Membership subscription is €10 (€5 for over 65s and unwaged)
  2. Activities:
    • WAC-IRL organized 13 meetings in 2014. The most important were:
      • Mary T Malone book launch by Gina Menzies “The Elephant in the Church: A tract for women in our time” (17 Sept)
      • WOW Steering Committee Meetings in An Grianán, Drogheda (25-28 Sept)
      • Synod on the Family (13 Oct)
      • Vatican Congregations (10 Nov)
      • Advent Liturgy (30 Nov)


  • Survey about electing bishops [Having laypeople choose church leaders will only result in the best politicians becoming bishops: 10% Agree; 69% Disagree; 21% Don’t Know]
  • Survey about Male Only Diaconate (84% in favour of women deacons)
  • Brendan Butler in Rome for meetings ahead of Synod on the Family (2-5 Oct 2014)
  • Press Releases:
    • Feb 2014 UN Committee report on cover up of sex abusers in church
    • Mar 2014 Welcome for Pontifical commission for the Protection of Minors with  Marie Collins
    • May 2014 Solidarity with Martha Heizer following excommunication
    • Jul 2014 15 IMWAC nominations for Synod on the Family 2014 (including Mary McAleese &                                Gina Menzies)
    • Sept 2014 Disappointment at 2 candidates from Ireland for Synod on the Family                                         (Sr Margaret Muldoon & Archbishop Diarmuid Martin)
    • Dec 2014 Insult to Dignity of Women (Pontifical Council for Culture seeking one minute                                        videos from women by 4 Jan 2015)
    • Jan 2015 Support for YES vote in Marriage Equality Referendum (on 22 May 2015)
    • Feb 2015 Disturbing image on Vatican website of naked female torso in bondage
    • Feb 2015 Pope Francis and slapping of children
  1. Media:
    • Our spokesperson Brendan Butler has had his busiest year to date with numerous appearances on National TV, radio and print media. Other members of WAC-IRL have also been in the media.
  2. Main Issues for 2015:
    • Marriage Equality Constitutional Referendum (22 May 2015)
    • Third International WOW meeting in Philadelphia (September 2015)
    • Synod on the Family (October 2015)
  3. Website:                        wearechurchireland.ie
  4. Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/WeAreChurchIreland?fref=ts    182 Likes