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On the 13th Meeting of the Base Ecclesial Communities, in Brazil

Just three days before the beginning of the 13th Interecclesial Meeting of the Base Ecclesial Communities,  to be held in Juazeiro do Norte - Ceará, in Northeastern Brazil, from 7 to 11 January 2014, in which are expected around 4.000 people, we intend to follow, as we can, this rich experience, as well as reflecting and sharing with people of Brazil and other countries reports, experience reports , and analitic texts concerning the CEBs, their memory , their historical evolution, their challenges , their struggles and hopes, in view of the commitment to the Kinkdom of God, in the current historical context.


To start this venture, we propose some 

links, through which one can have an overview of different steps the CEBs did, especially about  the 13th Inter-ecclesial Meeting, whose theme is " Justice and Prophecy in the service of life", and whose  motto: "Pilgrims in the Kingdom of God, in the countryside and in the city".


What about watching these short videos?


Fr José Marins: CEBs, crisis in the Church and Youth



Fr José Marins and Sr. Teolide






Here is a first sharing about the 13th Inter-ecclesial Meeting of CEBs.


With you, in hope and action,