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4000 people are expected at the 13th Meeting of Ecclesial Base Communities



From the 07th to the 11th January 2014, the city of Juazeiro do Norte , in the state of Ceará, in the Northeast region will receive the 13th Inter-Ecclesial Meeting of Christian Base Communities, with the theme "Justice and Prophecy in the service of life "and the motto "United Pilgrims of the Kingdom of God in the country and in the city", the  Meeting will receive around 4.000 people in the Valley Carirí (Ceará), representing communities from  Brazil and several continents.


The event organizers said the Thirteenth Inter-Ecclesial Meeting is an important opportunity to reaffirm the role of CEBs in their churches and to define their importance as a driving force in view of changes in different Brazilian realities, 


 Scattered across the states, Ecclesial Communities have, by means of  this national meeting a space for deep sharing and, exchange of experiences, formation, spirituality, in order to strengthen the presence of a Church that is not only closer to the poor and excluded, but also, at the same time, be firm in search of a better and fairer World.


In the current situation, the Meeting aims to discuss important issues, so as to reflect on the challenges and achievements.




The activities will be experienced  according to the method "To analyse", "To judge" and "To act", showing that, in conjugating these verbs, the CEBs intend to make an assessment of the road traveled and a critical and fruitful analysis since their historical memory.


According to the Secretariat of the 13th Inter-Ecclesial Meeting , it is essential that in current circumstances, the CEBs show their presence through rich community experiences. To do that, there will be visits to parishes and communities; testimonies concerning their struggles, challenges and hopes, moments of celebration, plus workshops and plenary sessions with the participation of national consultants.


As part of the schedule, also there will be a fair for a Solidarity Economy and Fair Trade Fair or Popular Trade inspired on the experience of Solidary Economics and exchange with justicce, so as everything be according to sustainable models, showing that it is possible to move out of the capitalist logic. "So, sharing , equality, ecumenism, interaction with the environment and respect for others are inserted in all activities of the Meeting", say organizers.