We Are Church Intl.

Weekend, 9 and 10 March 2013


Christian Weisner continues his diary from Rome


Yesterday I walked through sunny Rome and visited Santa Sabina all'Aventino (one of the oldest and probably the most beautiful church in Rome), San Allessio and Sant'Anselmo (Benedictine University and College in Rome). But this was the only free time I had here in Rome since I came here on Monday. Even at the churches I got phone calls and met a journalist I know from Germany. More and more journalists are now coming to Rome and want to talk to someone from We are Church. At today's breakfast I met three of them in the hotel where I am staying.

With the beginnig of the Conclave fixed by the Cardinals for Tuesday afternoon time is too short for Stampa Estera to invite us for a press conference and too short to organise a press conference of our own. So we will send out a press release on Monday morning telling the Cardinals how they should vote. I am joking, of course!   I'm sure some of them are in favour of some reforms. But are they strong enough to find a common candidate? And are they strong enough to stop the group connected to "Opus Dei" and "Movimento di Comunione e Liberazione"?