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Enrique, Somos Iglesia Chile, has alerted us to this video.

Raquel from Somos Iglesia (Spain) offers this commentary for friends who do not speak Spanish.

I guess that Enrique Orellana has chosen this video as a testimony of a nun “living inside the war” that questions the politics of the USA and Europe concerning Syria supporting the opposition to the president.

The video is of a talk given in Spain by a Argentinian Nun who has lived and worked in Aleppo for several years. She says that Syria is not a democratic country but she affirms that the president allows religious freedom and this has led, during years, to a peaceful relationship between Catholics, Christians in general, and Muslims. So she put the focus on the terrorism of ISIS who are very against Christians in Syria and Iraq. They are the main problem. The rest of the talk consists of a description of the everyday life of Catholics in Aleppo under the war between the government and the terrorists.

The Missionary says that the media in Europe and America are not well informed in general and she ask people to read Catholic media instead.