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 The Frenchspeaking Belgian group's name is PAVES (For Another Face of Church and Society). It involves three main groups :

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PAVES sends a delegate to the Council of the Lay People (Conseil Interdiocésain des Laïcs ; this Council takes place next to the Bishops Conference and gathers people from all kind of catholic organizations (communities, social NGOs, catholic union, universities, youth organization, elderly people, ...). One bishop is also a member of the Council and we can make him hear our points of view. But the Council is in crisis for a few years (not enough ressources anymore, no more projects). It is trying a refoundation process these months and/but cancelled already two on four meetings the last year. Our delegate took the occasion to tell his concern and disappointment about it. Our delegate had also recently the opportunity to tell what we expect from the Council. He asked for :